Senior housings or Senior livings are of many types. The major of them are Age-restricted communities, Nursing Homes, Retirement Community, Retirement Homes and assisted living facilities. We’ll have a brief look at all of them and then discuss some of the Assisted Living Denver Facilities in metro area.

Age-Restricted Communities

Age restricted communities are residential areas that limits at least 80% of the total residency to individuals who are over a specific age. These communities are helpful for people who would like to live without too many children around.

Nursing Homes

A nursing home is for people who need regular and high-level medical care 24/7. Nursing homes have professionally licensed nurses as staff, and the staff is available 24 hours a day. Nursing homes are available for short-terms as well as long-terms. Medication care is to be provided by the staff at nursing homes.

Retirement Home

Commonly known as the old-age home, the Retirement Home is a multi-level residence meant for seniors only. Each person is allotted a room or apartment. Meals are mostly served in the dining halls with everyone gathered there. Retirement communities differ from nursing homes in the level of medical of care offered.

Retirement Community

Retirement communities are generally meant for those senior citizens who can take care of themselves. However, they are provided recreational facilities, and housekeeping services from the community management.

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) are housing facilities who are disabled or can’t live independently. These services have been common in the US. Assistance of all types are provided. Ranging from bathing and washing to meals and medication care.

There are hundreds of Assisted Living Facilities in Denver. Some of the mentionable services are listed below.

Assisted Living Facilities in Denver

  • Stacy Helping Hand Inc – Helps you choose the perfect option of assisted living Denver facilities.
  • Sunrise Assisted Living Facilitiesat Cherry Creek – (Address is Denver, CO 802446) the ALF is located near Downtown Denver. Provides medication care, memory-loss patient care and other facilities